I'm a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor.  I work from home in the West Heath area of Congleton and I offer long or short-term individual face-to-face therapy. My aim is to offer you a place to breathe - a safe, discrete, quiet and confidential place which will allow you to explore your thoughts and feelings and work towards a feeling of wholeness. I offer counselling with individuals and couples, and because I am person-centred, it means that you can talk about your life without fear of being either judged or told what to do, though I will help you to make decisions and understand your inner processes. My clients tell me that I am a compassionate listener, offering a warm and human ear. My goal as an experienced, professional therapist is to help people live happier, more meaningful, peaceful and stress- free lives whilst realising their potential. Hello and Welcome Home | Why Counselling? | About Me | Appointments | Contact Me | Inspiration | Other Help Loughborough Counselling Therapy Services Made with Xara Web Designer